Monday, 10 September 2012

Worst Product of the Month: Wilko Cocoa Butter hand and nail cream

I didn't think I'd be doing any 'worst product' reviews but when I bought this, after the first use, I hated it! Now I didn't expect much from this at 99p for the small tube. However, I use cheap Wilko products on my hair and in the shower and love them so I didn't see why it'd be any different!

Practically, there is nothing wrong with this, it looks right, it feels right and it goes on the hands fine. However, IT SMELLS SO HORRIBLE! I literally cannot even put this on my hands without washing them. Its hard to describe, it smells like fake cocoa butter but also like soggy biscuits, and not in a good way!
This is going straight in the bin!

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  1. I usually love cocoa products and if i saw this in a shop I would think it would smell nice!


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