Sunday, 16 September 2012

Essie instant dry oil protector- My First Use

I purchased this from The Original Factory Shop and it cost me just £3 instead of £10.50! I wanted a top coat that I could rely on as I constantly repaint nails after smudging or denting them. This isn't exactly a top coat, it's an oil.

I didn't really know what to expect from this but the application was interesting! It went on as an oil, it was thinner than I expected and ran down the sides of my nails and down my fingers (as shown in the picture below). After waiting a few minutes, my nails and fingers showed no signs of drying so I gave in and touched them, I found that the oil just wiped off and my nails were dry! Magical!

The feeling of the oil on my hands wasn't unpleasant and just felt like it was moisturising. I went on to wash it off and my nails remained intact! Then I moved onto the other hand and had issues. Because I was using the accessorize polish shown here, it was thin and water-like. Because I was too impatient and reached for the essie oil too soon, the stiff brush smudged the smooth coat of polish. This was my fault, I'm inpatient but this is the sort of thing that wouldn't happen with a thicker polish. 

'Not a problem' I thought and repainted over the mistake. NO! Do not paint over the oil because of course, the polish doesn't set and becomes bubbly (shown on second finger here). But I learnt from my mistake, I started again on those nails and the oil worked perfectly again.

I've learnt from my mistake and will be using this product again as it really does help my nails dry faster. The deception is that the oil doesn't soak up and you don't feel you can get on with things with wet nails but you can, it's just the oil coating. I feel that I may actually be able to have an accident free nail painting one day....maybe!
The most perfect my nails have been for ages!


  1. This looks amazing, I'm so inpatient waiting for my nails to dry! X

  2. Great post. I may pick this up to try out.


  3. Thanks for posting this! I might need to try it too. Im so impatient. New follower here x

  4. this product looks like worth the money!! Thanks for participating in my twitter giveaway, I will be announcing the winner tomorrow. Sweet blog, I'll love to try the Lush products as well, and I like the fact that you use POREfessional. For me, that's one of the best products ever! XOXOX


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