101 Things

      I decided this New Year to make a different kind of resolution, to make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.

      Start date: 1/1/2012
      End date: 29/9/2015

·         Have Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea at Sanderson’s/ Afternoon Tea in London
·         Graduate
·         Get my first teaching job
·         Teach English in Italy
·         Get a mini
·         Buy an iMac
·         Rent my first house/flat
·         Buy a sofa
·         Buy a bed
·         Pass my QTS Maths skills test 
·         Pass my QTS Literacy skills test
·         Take my parents out to dinner to say thank you
·         Cook Christmas dinner
·         Go to Rome
·         Walk into a bar/pub and make a new friend
·         Send someone a surprise gift for no reason
·         Pay someone a surprise visit
·         Watch lord of the rings trilogy
·         See Kelly Clarkson again
·         Have a plant that lives longer than 6 months
·         Make the perfect macaroons
·         Try 5 new fruits
·         Go Veggie again for a month
·         Rewatch 10 Disney Classics (3/10)
·         Read 15 new books (1/15)
·         Host a dinner party and cook three courses
·         Do Race for Life
·         Own a designer handbag
·         Go 48 hours without my iPhone
·         Go 48 hours without the internet (texting and phoning allowed)
·         Finish a nail polish
·         Have a conversation in only Italian
·         Invest in makeup storage
·         Try 10 new foods
·         Buy a house decoration from Next
·         Get a personalised teacher stamp
·         Go somewhere where I get to wear a Monsoon maxi dress
·         Make a perfect baked cheesecake
·         Own a piece of Dior/Chanel makeup
·         Win something in a competition
·         Reach 200 blog followers (153/200)
·         Host another blog giveaway
·         See a west end show
·         Have a pedicure
·         Have gel nails again
·         Make pasta or gnocchi from scratch
·         Be able to jog on a treadmill for 15 minutes
·         Swim 30 lengths in 30 minutes
·         Make mince pies
·         Give blood again
·         Buy a round of drinks
·         Go ice skating
·         Buy myself flowers for no reason
·         Wear glasses for a whole day
·         See 5 films at the cinema (2/5)
·         Photograph a view/street in all four seasons
·         Chalk my hair
·         Buy something from etsy
·         Go strawberry picking
·         Write 10 compliments on post-it notes and leave them for people
·         Make someone a food hamper
·         Put a Dr Seuss quote up in my house
·         Host a party
·          Inspire someone to make a list
·         Finish a lip balm
·         Write a letter to someone and send it
·         Visit a new city in the UK
·         Make someone a Birthday cake
·         Visit the beach
·         Go to Loch Fyne
·         Give up chocolate for a month
·         Walk instead of getting the bus for one month
·         Save at least £1 a week in a money jar and buy myself something at the end of the 1001 days
·         Go on an experience day
·         Make everything from one recipe book
·         Have a picnic
·         Kiss under the stars
·         Make my own Christmas decorations
·         Play hide and seek in Ikea
·         Try exotic meat
·         Travel in 1st class on a train
·         Eat at Yo Sushi
·         Wear only dresses and skirts for a week
·         Take a light trail picture with sparklers
·         Attend a blogger meet up
·         Make a list for the next 1001 days
·         Go on holiday with friends
·        Meet up with old friends
·         Make someone breakfast in bed
·         Go speed dating
·         Have a cookie decorating party
·         Go to Choccy Woccy Doo Dah in Brighton
·         Watch a movie outside
·         Fill balloons with paint and pop them on a canvas!
·         Go somewhere just for dessert
·         Eat the tomatoes on my plate or sandwich for a month
·         Go to Cocoa Wonderland in Sheffield
·         Start a blog series for a month eg. Facemask Friday
·         Don’t wear make up for a week (go out as normal!)
·         Buy a dressing table

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