Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wax crayon art tutorial

I got the idea for this from Pinterest, not sure where it came from originally. There is lots of things you can do with it including adding a silhouette with an umbrella.

What you need-
Strong glue
a couple of packs of wax crayons

Firstly, you need to line your crayons up so that they fill the width of the canvas. I arranged mine by colour with black at one end and white at the other. I used two packs of 24 crayons.

Then you can skip this step and stick them on but I chose to peel all the crayons which took far longer than expected!
Then I started to stick them on carefully, I used a tube of extra strong all-purpose glue.I stuck them on one by one and tried to get them as straight as possible.
I stuck them across and left them to dry completely, Checking if they were stuck on by turning it upsidedown! Then it was time for the fun part!
I set the canvas upright with newspaper underneath and behind it.
I plugged the hairdryer in and set it on the hottest setting but with less power to stop the wax spraying in different directions (which happened a bit). Then I just started melting the crayons at the top, holding the hairdryer straight. You can do it for as long or as little as you want. I'm pleased with how mine turned out and it was so easy.
Then when dry, I hung it on the wall!
This would be great to do with kids as it's so easy, I'd love to see how people get on if they have a go.

Graze boxes

I received my third graze box today and I was very excited to open it!
Graze offer healthy snacks including nuts and dried fruit. Their new range offers dips and dippers and high tea including a tea bag!

Today I got Blueberry Swirl, Hazelnut espresso, Pistachios and Boston Baguettes with BBQ dip. The website gives me the ability to pick the my favourites and pick the things I'd like to try. I can also pick things that I never want to be sent, so I won't be getting any olives in mine!
Each box comes with nutritional information, some are one of your 5 a day, some are low in fat and all of these are under 200 calories. I've found all of mine to be very tasty and my ultimate favourite is the honeycomb flapjack but I don't think that's very healthy!
All the boxes are individually sealed so you can pop them in your handbag or the cupboard for later!

To have a look at the options yourself check out graze.com.
If you would like a free graze box enter the code 22Z238ND

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Trip to London

Regent Street
I'm back from my trip to London with University, I really enjoyed it. We arrived on Sunday and had a bit of a shop on regent street and in Camden then had a walk to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.
On Monday we had our training at the National Gallery on a project called 'Take One Picture' to use in schools, it was really interesting. 

Lego Kate, Wills and Harry.

Lego Queen in Hamley's Toy Shop

I loved the Lego floor in Hamley's.

Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
One of my favourite shops was also M&M world with 3 floors of M&M's!

On Monday evening we went to the Ice Bar which was amazing, very cold but we got given a thermal cape and gloves. We got our first drink included in an ice glass!
We returned home after Tuesday at the National Gallery, ready for our own beds. We stayed in a hostel with 3 story bunk beds.