Monday, 18 June 2012

Healthy date flapjacks

So this is a recipe my mum has been making for years and I love it!

200g Dates
1 cup oil (vegetable or sunflower)
1 cup concentrated apple juice- we get this from a local health shop and it's like a syrup consistency
1 cup water
8 cups oats

Firstly cover the dates in a small pan with water. Allow to boil until all water has adsorbed and dates are soft.
Next, add the oil, concentrated apple juice and water to a pan and boil.
Take off the heat and add the oats gradually, stirring well.
Line and grease a rectangular tin and add half the flapjack mixture. Smooth out with your hands so it's level and in all the corners!
Then layer on the dates with a spoon, spreading equally.
Finally add the second half of the flapjack mixture and level out.
Place in a preheated oven at 190°C for 35 minutes until golden brown.

Done! The flapjack has a lovely squidgy texture and is very tasty. I actually used concentrated apple & blackcurrant juice this time and it worked just as well. You could also miss out the layer of dates but I think it adds extra yummyness!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Home shopping

Last Saturday we went home shopping and it's lovely to see all the British things for the Jubilee and the Olympics. I liked these pictures and the teacup vase.

Busy week

So this week started with a visit to Lancaster with friends to visit another friend. We explored the Uni campus and found new lunch places and cupcake cafes.

Then I was preparing for this weekend. Yesterday we had a Strawberry Tea at the pub I work at, in aid of Breast Cancer Care. I made lots of jam filled strawberry cupcakes.

Everyone at work loved my cakes so much that I was put in charge of organising the cake table. It went down very well and we raised £500 for Breast Cancer Care.

Yesterday evening we had an Italian night at home. We drank Bellini, ate pasta, aubergine parmigiana and ice cream! Then we watched Young Victoria, a not-very-Italian but good film.

Today is Father's Day. We have a nice meal planned this evening but my presents to my Dad this morning were Lego cupcakes and Avengers tickets.

I'm also feeling rather organised with my new summer calender of exciting things to look forward to.

You may or may not have noticed that I'm instagram-ing everything!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Weekend

To prepare the Jubilee weekend I made Red, White and Blue muffins with Strawberry and Blueberry.

I actually traveled back to my uni house for my housemates birthday this weekend and made him a trifle.

In honour of his birthday we went for lunch at Las Iguanas where they gave him a free drink which had edible glitter in!

It was lovely to see everybody so patriotic with bunting and flags. I watched the Jubilee concert on TV which was fantastic, made me proud to be british!