Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bad Nail Day

Ciao bellissime,

I'm the first to admit if I don't like a product, and you probably know by now that I don't have a large collection of beauty products, I have lots of testing out to do to find my favourites!

So, Today I got out my whole collection (this is it) and decided which to wear. I felt like experimenting so started off with the primark turqoise colour reviewed here, and if you read that you'll know I didn't like it much! To remedy the finish on this I paired it with a glitter coat. The glitter coat of choice (the only one I own) was a 17 christmas one which needed a couple of coats to add enough glitter. For the accent nail I used the Natural Collection varnish that I've used a lot but It's got old and a little sticky so I think I need a new one, but still it's brilliant for the £1.89 price tag.

But the problems then escalated by Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat, I don't get on well with this as a top coat, it is tacky for ages. This means that the whole nail painting process takes about an hour before I can do Anything. Today, like many other attempts ended in three nails being scuffed and they now have a rough surface that gets caught on things.

The final product could have been much worse, but it's still annoying! Any recommendations for a decent top coat?

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  1. The no7 top coat is amazing. I love the colour combination here x


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