Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My guide to Spot Free Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin and anything too harsh can leave me with a rash or just really dry, sore skin. I also suffer from spotty skin and have done for a few years. I find it pretty hard to find products that work to fight spot but are gentle on my skin. All these products are also brilliant value.
These are my recommendations:

I featured this in my August favourites and i'm using it almost daily. This face scrub feels cleansing with the many beads but is also gentle and doesn't dry out my skin too much. This is the only face product i've ever used that does not sting my eyes! Will definitely continue to use this. Boots price: £3.09

Another product from my August favourites, I actually suffer from acne on my upper legs but harsher exfoliators tend to make it worse. This shower smoothie has less beads than most so moisturises my skin but also dries out my spots. I think this would be good for anyone who suffers from acne on the shoulders or chest too.Wilko price: £1
I swap between moisturisers but when I'm having a breakout I swap to this one as it's the only one I feel doesn't make it worse. Boots have actually discontinued this but in the new range they have products for sensitive skin and oily skin so I'll be trying those.

Hope this helps for people suffering from both sensitive skin and spots.


  1. The smoothie shower gel looks like it smells delicious!
    I love Botanics stuff, such reasonable pricing for great products :)

  2. I need to try the smoothie shower gel!! I got bumps on my legs too x

  3. i think im gonna try that too, because i hv super sensitive skin and can get dry easily :(


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