Monday, 24 September 2012

Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar review

I've been tempted by this for ages, sniffing it when I go into Lush. I normally end up going for a bath product instead, but as I've had more indulgence time recently I decided to finally give it a go!

Lush have a range of massage bars but I went for this one straight away, it's a nice little heart shape and has a chocolatey, vanillaey scent. There are actual chunks of chocolate in every one!

I've used the bar on most of my body three times so far. Initially, I was surprised that it took a while to start to melt in my hands (granted I have colder hands than most) so I needed to do it when I had plenty of time, maybe after a bath or shower would be a good idea. This bar was perfect for it's intention- massaging. I was, however, using it as a moisturiser before bed. It felt lovely on my skin but did stay greasy for a while and didn't absorb into the skin very quickly. I also noticed that the chocolatey bit didn't actually melt, it went a bit gritty and flaky when I was massaging the skin and sometimes left a brown residue. Nice idea, but I don't think the chocolate did much.
after 3 uses (the chocolate chunk is exposed!)

This is a lovely treat and I still smelt lovely in the morning but I'm not sure it did much for my skin in terms of moisturising. Great for a romantic massage session for couples though, but not me, sigh.


  1. this looks like a lovely product! I'm yet to find something in Lush that I don't like!



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