Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Betty Bouche Lip Scrub Review

The lovely people at Betty Buff sent me a prototype lip scrub to review. This isn't the final product because they wanted some feedback first. 

First Impressions: My first impression was that I like the little tin, handy for throwing in my bag whilst it also carries a lot of product as it was full to the top. The tin seals well and with the intended waterproof sticker I think it's perfect. I got strawberry sauce but a honey flavour is also available. The smell was nice but not too overpowering and certainly not a fake smell.

I love that the ingredients list is so natural, I had no worries about putting it on my lips or eating it! The product has a use by date of six months which I can foresee will be plenty of time as it's pretty addictive!

 Use: The first thing that struck me is that the product is very compacted and getting some on my finger for the first use was a little harder than expected. The mixture comes out as sugar granules which I found a little messy to use. However, once on the lips it distributed well and left a lovely soft feeling afterwards from the shea butter. I will say I think that it may be better to be a stickier substance so it's easier to pick up. The sugar is the main ingredient, giving a powdery texture, rather than being suspended in a liquid.

The product tasted yummy, sweet and subtly of strawberries. As someone who'd never used a lip scrub before I was worried about it feeling harsh and making my lips sting but it didn't they just felt smooth.

 One of the main things I noticed about this product was that it made my lips redder. The product claims to smooth, plump and give an even tone to the lips. I would agree with all of these as my lips felt lovely and looked a lot darker and redder in colour. I would even say I would use this on the go when I don't have a mirror to apply gloss or lipstick as it was effective and left them feeling lovely.

Before use

After use
This product will retail at around £2.99, cheaper than other lip scrubs and I think a very reasonable price for the amount you get.

This is perfect for using before I go to bed and throughout the day to refresh my lips. I will definitely be reaching for this in future as it's much more effective to solve flaky lips than my trusty vaseline.

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  1. Sounds pretty wonderful! Great and at a great cost, I would definitely buy this!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella



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