Thursday, 20 September 2012

#bbloggers secret santa swap?

Ciao lovelies,

I know that it's Way too early for this but I had a brainwave last night that I wanted to share with you! I've had an idea and wanted to get feedback on who'd be interested and whether it's feasable.

My idea is a #bbloggers secret santa swap

How would it work?

1.Well, you'd let me know if you'd like to be involved
2. You'd be assigned someone to send a gift (once i'd matched everyone up) and someone would be assigned you!
3. You'd check out their blog and buys some things that they'd love. There would be a budget, thinking maybe £20 (cuz some of us are students!)
4. There would be a deadline to send them off so everybody had their package in time for Christmas.
5. Hopefully people would share the lovely things that they sent and recieved on their blogs.

What do you think lovelies? It may have to be UK based for the first attempt but if you'd be interested and you're outside the UK, do let me know.

Please comment my lovelies and let me know what you think and any problems you forsee.

Also follow me on gfc for updates.

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  1. I was really wanting to be a part of something like this :) -- I'd love to do a Christmas theme with my gifts.. so I'd either do Christmassy beauty products (glitters, red, green etc) or wintery knits/scarves/gloves and small clothing :)

    I really like this idea! xxx

  2. This is me officially registering my interest - this is a great idea and i'd love to be involvved! I love Christmas! :)

  3. I think this is a lovely idea! I'd definitely be interested!

  4. this is such a sweet idea, count me in! xoxo

  5. That sounds amazing! I'd love to do it! Would be a lovely extra pressie to open on christmas day! Just started following you :) xxx

  6. compliments for the blog, I'll follow, I'll wait for me


I appreciate all comments and feedback, thanks for reading guys xxx