Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa mask

So Montagne Jeunesse sent me one of their new face masks to review, as a regular user of their face masks I was interested to try their new Clay masks with new clay infused fabric.

I've heard about the benefits of clay masks but personally, I tend to go for the fruity scents with moisturising properties or peel off masks. As usual, I expected to apply the face mask then chill while watching some of my favourite youtubers. However, when I opened the mask and found that the fabric was quite wet I didn't think it would be possible!/

I pulled out the folded fabric and unfolded it to find two eye holes, a nose and mouth hole- pretty self explanatory! It was really easy to apply and pat down, getting any drips from my chin. I did find I had to lie down for the 10-15 minutes it was on as it had a tendency to drip and didn't seem to dry up much while I was wearing it.
grumpy face!
 Unlike other face masks, I didn't feel any tightening or tingling (which I quite like) while wearing it, it remained wet and soft. Also, this may not be something that bothers you as you should be relaxing with a face mask on but I really didn't like not being able to move around much!
shocked face!
When I'd applied the mask I got some of the liquid on my hands which left a white residue when dry but it washed off really easily. When I pealed the mask off, a similar dried clay residue was left on my face. This also came off really easily with my muslin cloth and hot water. My skin felt cleansed and healthy afterwards, similar to most face masks I've used. However, the application and removal was much easier than other masks!

This mask was 'Crushed Arctic Cloudberry'- Don't ask what they are! The smell wasn't unpleasant but also wasn't particularly fruity and had the distinctive clay smell.

  • quick and easy application 
  • quick and easy removal
  • feeling of the skin afterwards
  • not too drying
  • wetness of mask when removed from packet- drippy!
  • having to lie down!

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