Monday, 22 April 2013

Manicure Monday: Topshop Peel Off Polish

I picked this up at the #NottsBBMeet in the shade 'on the blink'. I was intrigued to try it as sometimes when I pick my nail varnish off it leaves my nails damaged underneath and I hoped this wouldn't. I've actually found  that models own polish with a base and top coat peels off pretty easily but still leaves damage.

after one coat

after second coat
When applying it, it needed two coats but was quite easy to apply and left a gel like finish which didn't need a top coat.
I was worried that it would peel off when I didn't want it to but that wasn't an issue, it lasted like any other polish.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It wasn't actually that easy to peel off and left my nails looking very dry and damaged. This wasn't the base coat, it was my nails!

look at the damage to my nails!

once removed, my nails were sore and really dry.

I used nail varnish remover to remove it from the other hand and you can see that they were left in much better condition! It was pretty difficult to remove though.

I might try and use this again without a base coat, but so far I'm unimpressed! It's a shame because I like the colour.

Have you tried 'peel off polish'?

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  1. Such a good post. Nice to actually see how this applies after one and two coats and most interesting and helpful to see how bad it is to remove.
    Shame, as peel off nail polish sounds like such a good idea. Disappointing it doesn't seem to work as well as it sounds.

    Jules @Flabbyface


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