Friday, 19 April 2013

Facemask Friday: Good Things 5 minute facial mask

I'm starting another series, Facemask Friday. I got the idea from Lisette but thought I'd try some new bought facemasks or samples that I have.

This week I tried 'Good Things', they are a brand I haven't tried before and I have three of their products:

I got the Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes in my #NottsBBMeet goodie bag and used them before my face mask today. I also purchased the Five Minute Facial Mask and the Stop That Spot! Clearing gel myself on the day of the #NottsBBMeet.

I used the spot clearing gel after the face mask today and have been using it every night.I will review this in full soon but so far I'm loving it! 

First of all, something I have to say about Good Things as a brand is that the packaging is beautiful and they all smell amazing! I'm funny with smells and love anything fruity, the spot clearing gel is my favourite out of the three, Acai berry and Papaya smells yummy!

On to the mask, I'd been looking for a mask in a tube for a while as I knew it would be cheaper in the long run. This one appealed to me as I love avacodos and the fruity smell sounded nice for a clay based mask.

On application, I found it very easy and a lot less messy using the tube as apposed to a sachet mask. I found I could apply it thinner because I wasn't worried about waste. As soon as I put the mask on it felt tingly, I like this as I feel it's working! 

As it started to dry up it got tighter on my face, another feature that I like! I found that even with a thin layer I felt the benefit of the mask, as this mask is intended to be used for five minutes I can see why it dried up quicker than expected, as apposed to a 15 minute mask.

The mask continued to tingle on my skin. As I took it off with warm water I used it as a face wash using my fingers in circular motions, before removing it with a muslin cloth. My skin was quite red and sore afterwards, this is probably because I have sensitive skin, I applied moisturiser afterwards to sooth it. As the mask is probably quite strong I wouldn't use it for more than five minutes but that makes it convenient when I haven't got a lot of time.

I want to give this another go when I haven't used a mask in a while and maybe my skin won't be so sensitive.

-love the smell
-quick to use
-easy application
-it will last as only a thin layer is needed
-easy removal with hot water

-not great for sensitive skin


  1. I bet this smells amazing! I love clay masks!

    Gem x

  2. I love the Good Things range, I used their Spot Gel and it works wonders!

    Sophie xo | thatswhatsophiesaid


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