Sunday, 21 April 2013

Review: Make Believe enhance luminize skin highlighter

I got this highlighter from the giveaway I won (see here) and I think it is actually my first highlighter!It's a 'celestial pink' colour, similar to a champagne colour.

At first I thought it was a powder highlighter, which I think I would prefer. It's actually a cream highlighter so I find I have to use my finger instead of a brush. I find applying it hard actually as I find it doesn't glide well onto the cheeks. 

It's a shame because it actually leaves a really nice finish and has a goldy shimmer to it. Wearing this, I have enjoyed wearing highlighter but personally would prefer to try a powder (I have my eye on Nars Albatross).

Make Believe enhance luminize skin highlighter is available from Boots for £6.89.

Have you tried any Make Believe products (I have a bronzer review coming soon)?

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