Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

I thought it was about time I shared with you my latest obsession! Everyone has been raving about these for ages and I had to try them! I got the two shades on the left (above) for christmas and then added another to my collection a couple of weeks ago.

I think these types of lip products started with the Clinique Chubby stick but this Revlon alternative has been very popular. As a balm stain these are designed to stain the lips without drying them out. 
I have tried matte lip products before and not got on very well with them, however, equally I hate having really sticky lips with gloss. I am still a lipstick virgin so this was a smaller step towards lipstick wearing for me and all I can say is I love them! 
These give the perfect amount of moisture and nourishment without drying my lips out or being too matte. They have great lasting colour and do not give any transfer. I sometimes apply this product after a lip balm and find the product still gives colour but not quite as dramatically as when I apply it to dry lips, either way works well.

The product has a nice consistency and has a slightly minty scent/flavour which gives it a slight tingle when applied. Applying as a large pencil like these is super easy and mess free, they also twist up from the bottom.

The shades I own are Honey, Lovesick and Crush.

Honey (shown on the left) is a perfect everyday colour with a slighty peachy tone, it is generally very neutral and is the shade I choose to wear every single day!
Lovesick, in contrast, is a bright pink colour which is dramatic and girly. This is a little more daring for me but I do still like it.
Finally, Crush is the shade I couldn't resist as it has a purpley shade and is the closest I get to vamp lipstick! It is gorgeous but did show up a little redder on my lips than expected.

Here is some swatches for you (excuse how weirdly asymmetrical my lips look!).

wearing Honey

wearing Lovesick
wearing Crush

I will eventually make the move into using lipsticks but with this gorgeous product, why would I need to?


  1. Love this !
    I want this for a long time ago, but I still can't find it on my country :(

  2. These look lovely, the Crush is such a nice colour xo

  3. Ah, they are so pretty! I need Lovesick in my life haha.

    Lela -


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