Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Haul: Primark, Debenhams, Superdrug & Stead&Simpson

I've never actually done a haul post which includes clothes, I think it's quite hard to show them properly through photographs. However, Today I thought I'd give it a go as I love reading other people's hauls, especially Primark as you can't browse online.


I picked up this thick, cosy cardigan in Navy because I liked the pattern (it's almost fishnet). It has cute little pockets and doesn't have any buttons or fasteners at the front so it just hangs at either side. This was £12.00.

I also got this blue peplum lace top for £6. It fir nicely and I thought it would be nice with jeans with a strap top underneath, I liked the detail at the back too.

I also picked up two stretch tank tops for £2.50 each in Black and Navy.


I picked up these jeans in Red Herring, they are a tight fir skinny jean and are available in different leg lengths which is good. These were £24 and unfortunately student discount was not available.

I then fell in love with these black heels, I love that they are both patent and also suede material. The little bows are cute and mean that I manage to keep them on, they also have cushioned soles. These were originally £35 but are now £28. Available online.

Stead and Simpson:

I picked up these boots in Stead and Simpson sale for £19.99, they are black/dark grey and I got them to replace my worn out biker boots.


I then popped into Superdrug to see if they had the MUA Eye Primer and they finally did! I picked up four face masks on 4 for 3 too, 2 tropical peel off masks, one super fruit exfoliating mask and one deep cleansing fruit mask.

And that's all for my haul, thanks for reading :)


  1. I love the Stead & Simpson boots! Lovely choice :)



  2. I love the lace peplum top! Also really wanna try MUA's eyeshadow primer! xxx

  3. The Primark cardi is so cute :)! xx


  4. I'm always a very eager reader when people do Primark hauls, as you said, you can't browse online. I love the peplum top, it's adorable!
    - Katarina xx


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