Saturday, 12 January 2013

Review: MUA Fur Effect Nails

I was a bit dubious to try this new nail trend, the swatches looked nice but the thought 'why would I want fur nails?!' does come to mind! I went for the fluffy puff baby pink colour as I thought it looked the nicest on the swatches. I already had a nails inc polish in a similar colour so used that underneath.

First of all I followed the instructions on the back of the pot which told me to paint my nails with two coats of polish and while the polish was still wet, roll it in the 'fur'. This involved tapping the pot upside down so that some 'fur' came through the sifter tray in the pot. Firstly, I found it difficult to get enough to come through leaving some half covered nails as shown on the thumb and third finger above.
I then decided to remove the sifter (with difficulty) to roll my nail directly into the 'fur' and this was much more effective at getting a better coverage.

The instructions then said to wait 30 seconds before brushing of the excess. I found it most effective to use a eyeshadow brush to brush away the excess from my finger first and then from the nail.However, sometimes this lead to the nail varnish also being brushes off as it was still tacky, not ideal.

Overall, once I got to grips with this the effect was pretty good, although a little strange. The nails felt velvety and soft. The fur gradually wore off and after about a day it was noticeably more bald! This would be good for a special occassion like a day or night out but not something that I will be trying all the time!

Fur effect nails are available in 5 colours from MUA here, usually £3 but currently £2.


  1. I still can't make my mind up on these! I've seen a few people writing about them but I'm not convinced. This colour is a nice colour compared to the others, did you find it annoying having fluffy fingernails though haha? Shame it doesn't last longer than a day though! x

  2. Hmm don't think this would be for me but I bet it was fun to give it a go :) xx

  3. I've literally today uploaded a blog giveaway including one of these! :)


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