Thursday, 9 August 2012

Yankee wax tarts

I recently purchased a very pretty Yankee Candle Wax Tart Burner. Now, I must admit I had a bit of a fail with this: I saw them in the shops and bought a few wax tarts to try in my current oil burner as I thought 'It'll do the same thing right?'. Well, yes it made the room smell lovely but the wax didn't evaporate or go anywhere! I also couldn't remove the wax disc so was a bit stuck.

But, because I loved the smells I bought myself one of Yankee Candle's own wax tart burners and gave that a go! You can see that the wax tart is melted by a tealight at the bottom (that lights up the pattern). It seemed to work the same as my oil burner by spreading the lovely smell but the wax not going anywhere! After googling this I found that this is supposed to happen, the smell runs out after about eight hours then you just pop the cooled wax in the bin and start another!

In the dark!

This being found, the wax actually comes out of this burner and the smells are so good that I don't mind! So I've been trying some of the huge variety of scents.

So I started off with Peach&Mango Salsa and Fruit Fusion which were nice and fruity. Then I had Passionfruit which was nice but not very strong. I'm now on my second French Vanilla because it's just delicious!

The other three in the picture are yet to be sampled, Right now I'm in heaven burning the Black Cherry wax tart which is definitely my ultimate favourite and is so so delicious!

I would recommend the tarts as they are quite good value for the amount of scent you get from them at £1.20 each. The only downside is that the wax doesn't actually evaporate, the scent just becomes lost. However, It's nice to be able to pop the disc out to swap the smell at any time.

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