Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wonder product: Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Yes, I did just say this was a wonder product! I have fallen in love with this.This product is a little pink pot which claims to remove nail polish at 1 second per nail without cotton. Now, before we continue I must agree with other reviews and say that it does not take 1 second, it's longer. However, the process of taking polish off with this is much simpler and cleaner than using liquid and cotton wool.

The pot contains a sponge soaked with the solution, there is a whole in the middle which you put your finger in and twist. 

A plus to this product is the smell- red fruit and vanilla. Smelling it directly out of the pot is too overpowering but once used on your fingers it settles to a really lovely smell, much better than regular remover. The product also has nourishing sweet almond oil and I do think my nails seem healthier after using it in comparison.

Product Test
I tested the product with some nail art I had on.

First twist in the pot- approx 3 seconds.

after second twist- again about 3 seconds

Not bad! I should point out I had 4 layers of polish (including base and top coat) and nail art on top so this was much quicker than it would have been.
I would recommend this to anyone as a quicker, cleaner and better smelling way to remove polish.

Note- other reviewers have claimed glitter polish is a no-no as it gets stuck in the sponge and comes off on your finger in future uses.

Note- Do not tip it! The liquid drips out!

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