Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review: Make Believe Bronzer

Having not heard of makebelieve as a brand when I tried their highlighter (reviewed here) and being a bronzer virgin I was excited to try out this product. As I have very pale skin I was pleased that this bronzer was on the lighter side.

Firstly, I like the packaging, although it's on the bulky side, the kabuki brush is lovely quality and so soft.

When using the bronzer it was well pigmented but didn't come out too dark and was buildable. I'm still not sold on bronzer for my pale skin but was pleased with the subtle look this created.


  1. What a beautiful bronzer! Love the pattern on it! (even though it probably fades away quickly after using it often haha)
    Speaking from experience I can safely say: bronzer can do sooooo much for pale skin! You just need to get used to it :)

    Try experimenting with it!


  2. This is one of my favourite bronzers, and the brush is such good quality!

    Sally x

  3. Thanks for sending your link over, I love the look of your blog already! I love the brush from this bronzer, I've used it so much already with powder foundations too, it's so soft!!

    I'm a new follower :) hopefully you have time to check me out too!


  4. Wow it is super subtle at first i can barely see anything on the skin, normally i would be saying most blonzer doesn't work for someone so light but i think that is perfect for lighter skin



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