Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Birthday Round Up

 So last week I turned 22 and spent all week celebrating! The night before my best friend came down to visit me at uni and we spent the day shopping in Nottingham in the sunshine, it was lovely.

Breakfast at Patisserie Valerie

Lunch outside at Pret

She spoilt me and bought me the strawberry pandora charm, Thanks Leanne :)

Then a couple of days later another friend came up to visit (Ivy from misadventures of a 22 year old) and I went on my 'S' themed night out with my uni friends!

I was Superwoman!

Me and my sailor friend!

Collectively we had Snow White, Superwoman, Sully from Monsters Inc, a soldier, a scientist, a superhero and a sailor. We also had a scouser (not pictured).
I had an amazing night with everyone and my housemates were lovely enough to buy me another pandora charm! The mouse in the teacup.

Then Ivy drove us both home and I spent the weekend with family which was lovely.
New Car presents from Mum and Dad! Olly Murs CD, Atlas, emergency chocolate and air-freshener.
Got money from my Grandma and bought my Benefit Perfume

Then on Saturday we went to Southport for posh afternoon tea.

Saturday's OOTD, Primark dress bought on my actual birthday!

Traditional Afternoon Tea

The Best Bit- The cake plate! I actually ate most of both plates, loved the Macaroons and Mini Cheesecake.
After the weekend, I took Mum to pick up her new car and drove back in her old car/ my new mini! Overall I had an amazing birthday, thanks to everyone who made it special.


  1. All these delicacies looking perfectly yummy! Happy belated birthday.

    I am hosting my very first giveaway on my blog and would love it if you stopped by to take a look.

    Take care and enjoy your new found age xP! <3 Carolyn

  2. Happy belated birthday lovely - Looks like you had an absolute blast - Ah to be 22 again - like the Taylor swift song :-) Love Laura (29!!!!) xxxx A Scottish Lass

  3. Hope you had a really lovely birthday :) looks like it was good, jealous of all the sweet treats.
    Glad you got the perfume too :P

    Sally x


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