Thursday, 13 December 2012

Winterlicious tag

This tag was started by MacBarbie07 on youtube but I wanted to take part even though I'm not a youtuber. Winter is definitely upon us now with freezing temperatures.

1. Favourite winter nail polish?

I've kind of delayed the winter nail polishes until the next couple of weeks because I've been struggling to get away from the pastels! However, I never tire of some silver glitter so I'll go with Models Own Juicy Jules, christmas is about sparkle after all.

2. Favourite winter lip product?

For me, winter is about moisturising my lips lots. A lipbalm I have been using lots is my Models Own bubblegum lip balm from my Clothes Show goody bag, mainly because it's so tasty. Or trusty Vaseline.

3. Most worn winter clothing item?

Jumpers! This may be cheating but there isn't one in particular, just a few jumpers that keep me cosy.

4. Most worn winter accessory?

My accessorize striped mittens, no one likes cold hands.
5.Favourite winter scent/candle?

Without a doubt, Vanilla. Whether it's french vanilla yankee candles or Benefit 'so hooked on Carmella' perfume, anything vanilla scented is a winner for me.

6. Favourite winter beverage?

Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolates, or any hot chocolate, yum!

7.All time favourite christmas movie?

It used to be miracle on 34th street but I think elf might be my new favourite. Or Love Actually, it's too hard!

8. Favourite Christmas song?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, or any Micheal Buble!

9. Favourite Christmas treat?

Gu Chocolate Puds or Chocolate log

10. Favourite Christmas decoration?

It's a little strange but a couple of years ago I got a gold chair decoration and I love it, not sure why. It has to be gold in my house because my mum has a strict theme.
11. What's at the top of your Christmas list?

Lush goodies! I want to make the most of the bath at home before I go back to uni.

12. What are your Christmas plans?

Same as every year. Family come round and we sit in front of the fire, eat lots, watch tv and films, play board games and open presents.

I tag everyone!

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