Sunday, 2 December 2012

Review: Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer

I actually got this in a Glamour subscription gift a while ago and was excited to try I hadn't tried many primers. The product claims to 'balance oil production while a universal shade provides the perfect skin tone match'. I was surprised to find that the product was tinted and was worried it would be too dark for my skin.

It turned out to be a good shade and had a nice finish when I first applied it. The colour wasn't very obvious and the product works well when I use a small amount of foundation or just concealer and powder. However, when I've used this product with a full application of foundation I have found the colour to be too dark and orange and the finish to look thick and cakey. This was disappointing as the idea behind a primer is to keep your make up on for longer so this would be most useful when wearing a full face of foundation, in my opinion.

I have noticed that this product keeps some of my natural oils at bay but the effect doesn't last all day so I'm not overly impressed. I have continued to use this on 'light' make up days due to the shade but have started to using a cheaper primer on 'heavier' make up days and have been much more impressed.

I was extremely surprised to find that this products retails at £29.50 and do not think it's worth the price tag. Personally I was disappointed but that's not to say I won't continue to use it occassionally. 

As I find I cannot use BB cream due to combination skin on my face I may start to use this as a base for loose powder but as a foundation primer I would not recommend it.

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