Wednesday, 4 July 2012


So an update on my summer so far, which contains very little sun!
My parents had a week off last week so we had a few day trips out. We went to Chester when there was a carnival on. Sorry the pictures are rubbish but there was pirate ships, devils and angels.

Then we went to an amazing french restaurant where I found a new love for chicken liver pate and sea bass! I also tried some of my Dad's flourless chocolate pudding, soo good!

I had an experiment with bento boxes and made this. It didn't look beautiful and dainty but was very tasty.

We also went on a day trip to Liverpool, I very much enjoyed the Rolf Harris art exhibition. We also went to Albert Dock and I had my first trip to Wagamama. I liked the lambananas too.

I recurring theme is that I love lots of things in the shops but lack money. Here are some lovely things....

 Although I did get some 50p tulips- Bargain!

Oh, and we have a new pudding at work : Brownie Sundae.The little things cheer me up.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer/ looking forward to it.

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