Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nail Art love

This summer something I've been getting into is Nail Art. Pinterest gave me a wealth of ideas to try including this design.

I call these firework nails but basically I painted my nails silver then added blobs of pink and purple polish in the corner and used a cocktail stick to give the effect. 

Then I got in the Jubilee/olympic mood and bought a red, white and blue nail art set which worked as pens and polish and came with gems to decorate.

Then I finally got the hang of the nail pens and did union jack nails for the Olympic opening ceremony.

As I type another creation is drying....

map nails! Very simple really, I painted my nails white then dipped each one in vodka (or any clear alcohol) then pressed on a piece cut out from a map. When you peel it off the design is left behind, apply top coat straight away.
I'm looking forward to trying this with other papers and newspaper or book pages.

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