Monday, 24 June 2013

That Wierdo with 5 Colours in her Hair: My Hair Chalking Experience

I'd been wanting to chalk my hair for ages but since I know it only lasts until you wash your hair I chose to do it for my friend's birthday night in which the theme was hippies!

I wanted to tell you about my experience as let's just say, it didn't go as expected.
So the first thing I did was spray water on the selected piece of hair, this is so the colour transfers better. Then you rub the chalk up and down the hair (I only did the ends) until the desired effect is achieved.
The first thing I didn't expect: 

1.You're basically backcombing your hair so it gets very knotty. I thought 'no problem, I'll brush it out' NOPE! The colour comes out too when brushed so you have to settle for knotty hair until you wash it, not ideal!

Then you have to set the colour with heat- straightners or curlers. I used straightners (before using curlers after).

2. MESS, the chalk itself gets everywhere when you're rubbing it on the hair so cover your legs and wear gloves! Also it then gets all over the straightners (but wipes off easily when they've cooled).

3. The colours don't always always show up as expected. The most vibrant for me were green and red (which came out pink). Blue and Purple didn't show up quite as well.

When washing out the next day (there was no colour transfer on my pillow overnight), it washed out easily after I used a comb on my wet hair to get all the knots out first.

Overall, I was really pleased with the overall look and it looked great with curls. It wasn't too hard to get the desired effect and I didn't really have to worry about having the same amount of each colour or it being symmetrical.

4. I would have liked it to be a bit more noticable and colourful all over but this was very time consuming to get the colours to show up strongly so bear that in mind.

I also had feathers on a hair slide to keep with the hippy theme. I would have a go again, preparing for the knots and mess this time! Also, I didn't use a specific hair chalking kit, just normal pastels from an art shop.

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  1. Love it! It looks really cool.
    I also used to love that song!
    Hope you had fun at the party :)

    Sally x


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